Welcome to the 14th International Turfgrass Research Conference


It is a great pleasure to announce the 2021 International Turfgrass Research Conference (ITRC). The conference will take place on the 11-16 July 2021 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The conference theme is:

Development & Sustainability

“Sustainable managed turfgrass areas can provide an important social, environmental and economic resource. To fulfill this, the turfgrass industry needs concerted and collective solutions, underpinned by robust, applied science”. 

The climate change impact is exceeding the worst expectations, strong restrictions on the use of chemicals, fertilisers and energy are expected and there is an accelerating loss of urban green areas and biodiversity. All this calls for more research and innovation for the future.

The International Turfgrass Research Conference (ITRC) aims to be a platform for exchanging research, experiences and ideas among all stakeholders in the field of turfgrass research. The conference will bring together researchers, greenkeepers, super intendants, planning authorities, technical experts, consultants, high level turfgrass managers and top industry delegates.

We look forward to welcoming you in Copenhagen!

Conference Programme Committee

Maria Strandberg

STERF Director and Chair of Conference Programme Committee

Bruno Hedlund

STERF Chairman

Trygve Aamlid

Turfgrass Research group, NIBIO and STERF Board member

Torben Kastrup Petersen

Danish Golf Union and STERF Board member

Anne-Mette Dahl Jensen

Forest and Landscape, Copenhagen University



Important dates

11-16 July 2021

ITRC Conference


University of Copenhagen

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