Conference Planning Committee

  • Maria Strandberg, ITS president, STERF Director 
  • Bruno Hedlund, STERF Chairman
  • Trygve Aamlid, Turfgrass Research group, NIBIO 
  • Torben Kastrup Petersen, Danish Golf Union 
  • Jan Støvring, Copenhagen University
  • Anne-Mette Dahl Jensen, Turfgrass Scientist
  • Agnar Kvalbein, Turfgrass Scientist 





About ITS


The International Turfgrass Society (ITS) is a not-for-profit scientific organization established in 1969 to encourage research and education in turfgrass science, and to promote personal communication among the international community of turfgrass researchers by organizing international conferences to present turfgrass research and information on all phases of turfgrass production and use.

To this end, International Turfgrass Research Conferences (ITRC) are held at 4-year intervals.