Modern Cool Season Sport Turf Management

One-Day Practitioner Seminar

13-14 July 2021

Brings news directly from the laboratories and test fields to practical turfgrass managers

New for this conference is The One-Day Practitioner Seminar, a meeting arena for practitioners and turfgrass researchers. We have chosen a number of top scientists and some upcoming stars to bring highlights from their field of expertise directly to practical turfgrass managers. This seminar will be the most important event for golf course and stadium managers in 2021. 

The Conference Theme this year is Development and Sustainability and we have put up five main topics for this seminar: 

  • Low in input management
  • Stress management
  • New technological tool
  • Turf grass ecosystem services
  • Pesticide-free future

Please find a full overview of the speakers and topics here >>​​​​​​​


You are invited to join three parts of the ITRC-2021 program:

  1. Seminar at University of Copenhagen (July 13th) with presentations and short discussions. This part is also set up as a webinar.  
  2. Dinner party at Furesøe golf club (July 13th) where you will mingle with the seminar lecturers and colleagues from many countries. A good portion of the dinner menu will be sourced from local golf courses as examples of multifunctionality. 
  3. Bus excursions (Wednesday July 14th) to interesting sports turf facilities in the district, ending up at a barbeque party at DLF research facilities. Here you will meet all delegates at the scientific conference and get an impression of grass breading and testing. 

The seminar and dinner are hosted by Toro.