Conference Programme

The ITRC 2022 programme will include keynote speakers, oral and poster presentations, industry networking opportunities, technical tours, social events and much more. The programme will focus on increased sustainability by a multidisciplinary approach; science in action by ready-to-use research; and mobilising forces from academia to industry. 

Thematic areas

Establishment and maintenance; Soil physics, soil chemistry and soil biology; Integrated pest panagement - Weed biology and control, diseases, insect pests and nematodes; Genetics and breeding; Physiology / stress physiology; Environmental impacts; Biodiversity and ecosystem services; Precision management - New technologies and measurements. 

Pre-Conference Turfgrass Industry Session

There will be a special Pre-Conference Turfgrass Industry Session in the afternoon on Sunday, 10 July.

The industry seminar will deal with possibilities and problems in connection with a sustainable turf sector for the future. The focus is research, competence building and innovation.
Leading enterprises from the sector will present and give their views on:

  • Future development trends
  • Their priorities on research and development
  • Demands on the scientific community and scientists
  • Technology transfer
  • Projects and innovations of importance for the sector

A discussion will follow the presentations with a synthesis of important steps and actions to take for the future.

Keynote speakers

The programme will include keynote addresses from internationally renowned government officials, scientists, and turfgrass managers focusing on the conference theme “Development and Sustainability” and Agenda 2030;

  • Keynote speaker: Kristian Jensen: As Minister of Foreign Affairs, Kristian Jensen was responsible for the Danish negotiations leading up to the adoption of the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals in 2015. Today, Kristian is chairman of the danish parliament network for the Sustainable Development Goals - a strong assembly that will accelerate work on sustainability and ensure constructive cooperation. 
  • Sustainable sport turf management - The importance of sustainable sport turf management will only increase and this keynote address will focus on existing and future challenges the sport sector has to face. The speaker has not yet been decided. 

Poster sessions

Posterswill be displayed on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday (11, 12 and 14 July) and one-minute oral synopses of posters will be featured. This, as well as a late-afternoon social hour in the poster viewing area, will entice meeting attendees to meet poster authors and discuss their latest findings over light refreshments and hors d’oeuvres.

Two special symposia

On the last conference day, Friday 15 July, delegates are invited to attend two parallel symposia of approximately four hours duration highlighting challenges for turfgrass management in two contrasting climatic zones: 

  • Winter cold zones: This symposium will be organized by a group of ITS members from North America and Scandinavia under the leadership of Dr. Eric Watkins, University of Minnesota. Topics include turfgrass selection and management in a changing winter climate, winter stress physiology, breeding of winter-hardy turfgrasses etc. 
  • Transition zone: This symposium will be set up by ITS members from Italy, Spain, USA and Japan under the leadership of Dr. Alessandro De Luca, Italian Golf Federation.